Jennifer gives sessions & leads EFT groups around the world.  She offers 90 minute E.F.T. sessions in person & via Skype (depending on where she is in the world!). 

She usually spends winters in India, spring in the Himalaya, summers in Europe.



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"Do you feel emotional and you dont know how to stop the tears? 

Do you feel irritated and you dont know what to do with your anger? 

Or do you feel you have blockades and you dont know how to get rid of them?


For me, my way out is EFT with Jennifer! With her amazing sense of higher intuition, she can accurately point out what the issue is truly about, to heal the pain or hurt at the deepest level.


Her questions and guidance help you to understand yourself, help you to heal yourself!  She leads you back to what is most important in ones life: to love yourself!"


~ Imana***, Healer & Care Assistant, Belgium

fall in love with your life v3