You are ready to evolve!

Experience freedom from negative thoughts, emotions & beliefs.  Realise your ability to choose your reactions to any experience (past, present or future). 

Create new conscious beliefs within yourself.

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What is EFT / Tapping?

E.F.T. (also known as Tapping) is practiced by gently tapping on acupressure points while simultaneously focusing on an issue.  It fuses ancient Chinese medicine with modern psychology for clinically proven results.


It is a fast & effective tool.  Results are usually seen in just one session.

“What I love about tapping with Jennifer is her blend of compassion & razor sharp, no nonsense precision.  She is perceptive, analytical and thorough. She's always able to get to the core of any issue. I feel completely safe in her capable hands.”

Jenny Brav MSW, Acupressurist (San Francisco)

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Meet Jennifer

What Jennifer enjoys most is watching people fall in love with their life.

She has studied & worked in the Healing Arts for 11 years, specialising in EFT for over 6 years.


Jennifer is praised for her deep presence, which brings clarity, awareness & compassion.


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Tapping with Jennifer, you get a real connection to yourself that lasts days after the session. I discovered issues Ive been burying for years and with the help of EFT & Jennifer, I had a breakthrough moment. My head feels clearer & so does my future. I cant thank her enough!

~ Laura, Nursery Practitioner, Scotland