Videos ~ Experience EFT

Try Tapping now & feel its positive effects.  Pick a topic & tap along with Jennifer!
Full list of videos on YouTube (click here).

Learn The EFT Tapping Points (2 mins)

Discover the EFT Tapping Points in just a couple of minutes.


(To do a focused Tap, chose a subject which interests you below!  This video just explains where the EFT points are.)

Heal a Break-Up (15 mins)

Tap along with Jennifer to heal the negative emotions & painful thoughts which often plague us at the end of a relationship.


You can focus on a break up you're currently going through, or one you've experienced in the past.

Turn Social Media Addiction into Connection (10 mins)

Tap along with this EFT video to reduce addiction to phones, screens & social media. In just 10 minutes, feel more comfortable connecting to those around you, more peaceful & present.


Heal Obsessive Thinking (13 mins)

Transform obsessive thinking about a problem into feeling peaceful & present in this quick Tap.

Choose any specific issue repeatedly cycling through your mind.


Heal Jealousy ~ Feel Secure in Relationships (16 mins)

Tap along with Jennifer in this deeply healing EFT/Tapping video to resolve issues with jealousy within romantic relationships.


It can also help build security in partnerships & feel more confident in yourself.


Strengthening Communication in Relationships (11 mins)

Use this video to improve communication in any kind relationship - romantic, friendship or business partnership.


This video can support you to clear negative thoughts & learn to communicate from a calm & loving center.


Feel Confident ~ Release Self-Doubt (15 mins)

Tap along with Jennifer to release self-doubt, low self-esteem & discover ways to feel happily confident in yourself.


Connect to your potential & feel secure in your authentic self.

Heal bad mood & negativity.  Be positive & relaxed (9 mins)

Great EFT video for when you're in a bad mood & want to feel happy again!


With subtitles (great for those who aren't native English speakers).


Discover, Own & Voice Your Needs (13 mins)

Tap along with this video to know what you need on a deeper level.



Tap: Clearing the Shock of a Diagnosis

(12 mins)

Tap along to clear the shock of receiving a medical diagnosis (e.g. cancer, thyroid disorder, depression, diabetes, heart conditions). This is especially useful to do straight after receiving the news from a doctor, nurse or surgeon. Or use the video to clear the negative thoughts & emotions from being diagnosed in the past.

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