Videos ~ Experience EFT

Try Tapping now & feel its positive effects.  Pick a topic & tap along with Jennifer!

Heal a Break-Up

Tap along with Jennifer to heal the negative emotions & painful thoughts which often plague us at the end of a relationship.

You can focus on a break up you're currently going through, or one you've experienced in the past.

With EFT / Tapping you can release these negative emotions & thoughts & begin to program in new positive beliefs, forgiveness, support, self-acceptance and self-love.

Feel Confident ~ Release Self-Doubt (15 mins)

Tap along with Jennifer to release self-doubt, low self-esteem & discover ways to feel happily confident in yourself.


Connect to your potential & feel secure in your authentic self.


Heal Jealousy ~ Feel Secure in Relationships (16 mins)

Tap along with Jennifer in this deeply healing EFT/Tapping video to resolve issues with jealousy within romantic relationships.


It can also help build security in partnerships & feel more confident in yourself.


Heal bad mood & negativity.  Be positive & relaxed (9 mins)

Great EFT video for when you're in a bad mood & want to feel happy again!


With subtitles (great for those who aren't native English speakers).


Discover, Own & Voice Your Needs (13 mins)

Tap along with this video to know what you need on a deeper level.



fall in love with your life v3