EFT Sessions

Jennifer supports people to fall in love with their life through the practice of EFT Tapping.

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Private Sessions

Jennifer guides a one-on-one session (in person or via Skype) to get to the root of the issue & bring positive transformation.  The client chooses a specific issue - topical or deep - which they'd like to experience relief around.  Email Jennifer with any questions: jennifer@eftharmony.com


Session cost £95 / $125 / 106 euro {+paypal fee} & usually last 90 minutes.

"Tapping with Jennifer is lovely, she knows how to dig in deep & rid the body of challenging past experiences within single sessions. Working with Jennifer is intense & rewarding."  

~ Dr Nick, Pharmacist, Essential Oils Wizardry, U.S.A.

Group EFT Circles

Jennifer leads EFT groups all over the world, to experience peace through the practice EFT.

Sometimes we work together on a common theme (e.g. overcoming challenges presented by self-doubt & upgrade to self-love & confidence).

In other Circles, each participant chooses an issue which is currently disturbing their natural state of peace.  After an optional sharing, Jennifer guides the group to practice EFT on their individual issue - release memories to experience joy.


The number of participants can vary greatly.  Jennifer has lead intimate groups of 5 people, up to groups in larger conventions of around 50 people.  Group EFT Circles last 90 minutes - 2 hours.

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"Jennifer held the space with compassion, honesty, wisdom and gentle care for those who attended tonight. As practitioner of Healing Trauma work, I appreciated her insights and observations, while she took us through the art of tapping."
~ Parveen, UK, EFT Circle in Thailand

"Jennifer is real, genuine & warm. Working through our collective worries & fears in a welcoming, non judgemental EFT session was powerful; She facilitates professionally & gently for a healthy, healing experience."

~ Jesika, Canada, EFT Circle in India

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World Tapping Circle

Jennifer's EFT teacher, Sonya Sophia, leads a weekly, online EFT circle, which empowers you to thrive!

Use EFT on any issues, fears or thoughts.  You’ll have privacy & feel supported in a caring, inspiring, online community.

Try it FREE for a month {no credit card needed}

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